• The City of Pittsburgh
    Before moving to Florida, I lived here, in Pittsburgh
    A big city all lite up and night is amazing

    This was taken at the Mount Washington Overlook
  • A Little Puffer
    Once I moved here, I started a new hobby...

    Amazing things live under the sea!!!
  • The Everglade Gators
    Gators! They are amazing creatures
    VERY Photogenic when they are calm and warming
    Don't try to pet them...
  • The Colorado Rockies
    I go from one extreme to the other
    From the oceans to the mountains

    This is an AMAZING World
  • The Buffalo
    Yellowstone is home to a very large herd
    They look like furry cows, but can get
    a little violent

Welcome to Photos by Chauncey


If you can see it, I can shoot it...


My passion for photography has been with me since I can remember, but never truely acted upon it until the middle of winter in 2003. For whatever reason, I took a leap and bought a Canon Digital Rebel. Played and practiced and took pictures, and subscribed to a couple of magazines...and started to teach myself the basics. I found an advertisement for the Mentor Series, and took off for Yellowstone National Park in 2007. I walked into the first day with the idea that I had a clue as to what I was doing, within 2 hours of the introduction, I came to the conculsion that I had no idea as to what I was doing. By the end of the weekend, I had advanced from a novice, to at least a novice with a clue....took several more treks, and mentored by some of the worlds leading photographers, and made some great friends brings me to today. I continue to travel on the treks, and have a great time each and everytime, and I continually pick up more and more knoweldge and skills as I go...who knows maybe I will meet you on a Mentor Series Trek.


You will see through out the site that I love travel photography. I also enjoy portrait and wedding photography. I have a great rapport with people and enjoy working with a single model, or an entire family reuion. We can spend a day and do natiural setting styles, or we can do the formal portrait with backgrounds.

As my tag line says, "If you can see it, I can shoot it..."

Current News

Personal Stuff

March 21, 2021

Life Updates

So happy as I can be. I lost my dad last December, so I got the family through the Will and getting the Estate all settled. Sold the house and moved into a great apartment in Fort Myers. The pups and I are doing well.


SCUBA Diving

March 21, 2021

Teaching Full Face Mask, First Aid, CPR and Aquatic Emergencies, kind like back in the 90's with Med-Stat Ambulance and the paramedic life.



March 21, 2021

Got a couple of new toys for the camera. I will be posting soon some new shots.