• The City of Pittsburgh
    Before moving to Florida, I lived here, in Pittsburgh
    A big city all lite up and night is amazing

    This was taken at the Mount Washington Overlook
  • A Little Puffer
    Once I moved here, I started a new hobby...

    Amazing things live under the sea!!!
  • The Everglade Gators
    Gators! They are amazing creatures
    VERY Photogenic when they are calm and warming
    Don't try to pet them...
  • The Colorado Rockies
    I go from one extreme to the other
    From the oceans to the mountains

    This is an AMAZING World
  • The Buffalo
    Yellowstone is home to a very large herd
    They look like furry cows, but can get
    a little violent

Welcome to Photos by Chauncey, LLC


If you can see it, I can shoot it...


My passion for photography has been with me since I can remember, but never truely acted upon it until the middle of winter in 2003. For whatever reason, I took a leap and bought a Canon Digital Rebel. Played and practiced and took pictures, and subscribed to a couple of magazines...and started to teach myself the basics. I found an advertisement for the Mentor Series, and took off for Yellowstone National Park in 2007. I walked into the first day with the idea that I had a clue as to what I was doing, within 2 hours of the introduction, I came to the conculsion that I had no idea as to what I was doing. By the end of the weekend, I had advanced from a novice, to at least a novice with a clue....took several more treks, and mentored by some of the worlds leading photographers, and made some great friends brings me to today. I continue to travel on the treks, and have a great time each and everytime, and I continually pick up more and more knoweldge and skills as I go...who knows maybe I will meet you on a Mentor Series Trek.


You will see through out the site that I love travel photography. I also enjoy portrait and wedding photography. I have a great rapport with people and enjoy working with a single model, or an entire family reuion. We can spend a day and do natiural setting styles, or we can do the formal portrait with backgrounds.

As my tag line says, "If you can see it, I can shoot it..."

Current News

Personal Stuff

January 30, 2022

Exciting Announcements

Proud to Announce that I have formed Photos By Chauncey, LLC and I have partnered with Prints Charming


SCUBA Diving

January 30.2022

SCUBAVISE SCUBA Center Lots of upcoming classes with all dives in Key Largo, weather permitting of course. Shark Feeding Dive COMING SOON. Trip to Mexico in June! Stay tuned for details



January 30, 2022

WIDE OPEN for Bookings, start scheduling your photo events now for this year!